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drastic redesign, woop

so, decided to scrap the arm and start from fresh.  Sure, he’s a little more derivative this way, but I think the overall feel of the animation will be better with a slightly simpler, more “friendly” protagonist.



Musical New Year

A new year and a little something different.  I’m learning a few different music softwares in preparation of scoring “the Sum of Parts.”  As I do, I’ll be posting some of my musical experiments and thoughts along the way.

This piece tests out a Balinese Gamelan library for Kontakt, a sampler that I’m using with FL Studio.  The pattern I’m using is classically Gamelan — a lower part that is repeated, at a doubled pace, one octave higher.  I wish I had a library of Indonesian or even Indian percussion, but this piece instead uses a Battery techno drumkit.

moving on down the arm

continuing the Unit Seventeen model.



Proof of Concept

This is a proof-of-concept animation that was made a while back, before we had the current “sum of parts” story developed.

Character Modeling…

arm topology

roughing out shapes for 17's arm

Unit 17 Design Drafts