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When it comes to writing a screenplay, arguably the most important thing is the “logline” — you know, the little summary on Netflix that tells you what the movie’s about. It’s kind of remarkable just how hard that single sentence can be.

Approaching “The Sum of Parts” – I had two characters in my mind. A robot, and a guy whose job it is to hunt robots. You know, pretty standard Blade Runner / i, Robot fare. I also had a setting – 1930s America, but with the technological advances of robotics. Retro-futurism!

So I started building a story around those elements, and so far, I feel like there is a good story in there *somewhere* but it hasn’t clicked yet. I haven’t found my logline. I keep asking myself “what is the movie about?”.

I can summarize any good movie:

“An unfulfilled hacker discovers that his reality is an illusion, and must learn to fight against the forces enslaving mankind”

Even a film with a crazy-complicated premise and plot: “An exiled dream-thief must plant an idea in the mind of a businessman in order to return to his family”

So for SOP? Well, this is what I have so far:

“On the eve of WWII, an ex-mobster must uncover the truth about his brother’s vision for robotic utopia”.

It needs work.